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Elgato Key Light Studio Pro Lighting: 2800 Lumens with Desk Clamp

Cheers! Elgato Key Light is the most convenient and versatile professional studio light available. It offers up to 800 lumens of brightness and is easy to mount and adjust. It is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS and Android and offers great flexibility, with temperature and brightness settings. Test Elgato Key Light today and light up your presentation!

The Elgato Key Light: Professional, Adjustable Lighting for Streamers

Le Elgato Key Light is a professional studio lighting with a brightness of up to 2 lumens. It comes with a desk clamp, making it ideal for streamers, recordings and videoconferences !

elgato key light

Temperature and brightness are adjustable on a Mac, for an PC, for an iOS or an Android, which offers great flexibility. With the Elgato Key Light, you get both professional lighting and precise control over light color and quality.

elgato key light

Click here to learn more about the Elgato Key Light and to purchase it.

Elgato Key Light - The professional studio light with 2 lumens and adjustable features

L'Elgato Key Light is a professional studio lighting with an output of 2 lumens and a clamp that clips easily to your desk. It is perfect for the streaming, L 'registration and videoconferences. It is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS and Android, and has adjustable functionality in temperature and brightness.

elgato key light

You can get theElgato Key Light to improve your streaming and video conferencing experience. You'll appreciate its different lighting effects, with colors ranging from warm white to cool white and adjustable brightness levels.

elgato key light

You can also control the lighting settings remotely, using the dedicated application available on your devices. The lighting quality is excellent, and will make you look more professional when streaming or video conferencing.

How do I use the Elgato Key Light for streaming, recording, and video conferencing?

If you are a streamer looking for the best lighting for your streaming sessions, then the Elgato Key Light is made for you.

elgato key light

With a brightness of 2 lumens and a desk clamp, this product offers you a professional lighting for your streaming, recording and video conferencing. There temperature and brightness are adjustable on Mac, PC, iOS and Android, allowing you to have a perfect rendering every time. Don't waste a second and buy this product now at Amazon!

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