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Logitech StreamCam: The Perfect Webcam for Twitch Streamers in 2023

Today we're going to explore the Logitech StreamCam, a webcam specially designed for Twitch and YouTube streamers, offering full HD 1080p quality at 60 Fps. Thanks to its USB-C connection, AI face detection, autofocus and vertical video, this webcam is positioning itself as one of the best choices for streamers in 2023.


Logitech StreamCam Features

Design and compatibility

The Logitech StreamCam is available in black and features a sleek, compact design with dimensions of 5,8 x 4,8 x 6 centimeters. It weighs 222 grams and is compatible with PCs and Macs.

logitech streamcam streamers

The webcam has several connectors, including three HDMI ports, one USB 2.0 port, and three USB 3.0 ports.


Resolution and performance

The Logitech StreamCam offers 800 x 480 resolution with a 75-inch screen and a 16:9 stretch. The camera is capable of capturing 3D images and performs well even in low light.


Connectivity and Power

logitech streamcam streamers

The webcam is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and a USB connector type. Power is supplied via an AC/DC mains adapter.


Warranty and software updates

The Logitech StreamCam comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and spare parts availability for 2 years as well.

logitech streamcam streamers

Software updates are guaranteed until April 13, 2030, ensuring a long life for your webcam.


Why choose the Logitech StreamCam for Twitch streaming?

Image quality and AI face detection

The Logitech StreamCam delivers Full HD 1080p image quality at 60 Fps, allowing streamers to stream high-quality video to Twitch and YouTube.

logitech streamcam streamers

Plus, AI face detection and autofocus ensure a crisp, sharp image, even when you're moving.


Vertical video and integration with streaming platforms

Vertical video is a feature loved by many streamers, especially for social networks like Instagram and TikTok.

logitech streamcam streamers

The Logitech StreamCam is compatible with this feature, providing more flexibility for streaming your content.


USB-C connectivity and compatibility with PCs and Macs

The USB-C connection ensures a fast and stable connection between the webcam and your computer.

logitech streamcam streamers

PC and Mac compatibility allows the Logitech StreamCam to be used with different operating systems without compatibility concerns.


Customer comments and reviews

The Logitech StreamCam has an average rating of 4,5 out of 5 stars, based on 5 customer reviews.

logitech streamcam streamers

It ranks among the best webcams for Twitch streaming, as mentioned in this article on The 5 Best Webcams for Twitch Streaming. Users particularly appreciate the image quality, AI face detection and ease of use of the webcam.


Return Policy and Warranty

Amazon.com offers a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied with the product, if it is defective or damaged. The Logitech StreamCam is also backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, providing additional peace of mind when purchasing.



The Logitech StreamCam is an ideal webcam for Twitch and YouTube streamers thanks to its Full HD 1080p image quality, AI face detection, autofocus, and vertical video. With wide compatibility and USB-C connectivity, this webcam is a great choice for streamers in 2023.

logitech streamcam streamers


If you are interested in the Logitech StreamCam, be sure to also check out our article on the top 7 best streamer mics in 2023 to complete your equipment and improve the quality of your streams. Take advantage of the 2-year warranty and software updates until 2030 to ensure a long life for your webcam and invest serenely in your passion for streaming.

logitech streamcam streamers

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