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AFK: Definition and origin

Discover AFK's secret and its impact on Twitch gamers and streamers

Are you a Twitch gamer or streamer and curious about the meaning of the term "AFK"? This article is made for you !

What does AFC mean?

AFK is an acronym commonly used in the world of gaming and streaming, it stands for:

  • Away From Keyboard (Away from the keyboard)

This term is used to indicate that a player is temporarily absent or inactive during a game or stream.

How to use it wisely?

Here are some tips for using the term "AFK" appropriately:

  • Tell your teammates or your viewers when you have to go away for a few moments by using the term "AFK".
  • Avoid overusing this phrase, as it may give the impression that you don't take the game or your audience seriously.
  • Use it to explain funny situations or mishaps related to the temporary absence of a player.

The origins of AFK

The acronym "AFK" appeared in the 1990s, along with the rise of online games and chat rooms. It was commonly used to indicate that a user was away from their keyboard for various reasons (drinking coffee, answering the phone, etc.). Since then, the term has spread in the jargon of gamers and Twitch streamers, where it is still used to indicate a temporary absence.

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