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Kekw Twitch Emote Definition

The History of the Kekw Emote on Twitch

Le Kekw Emote first appeared on Twitch in 2017. The emote is simply the face of the Spanish actor and comedian Juan Joya Borja, "El Risitas".

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Le Kekw Emote is a smiley face with a wide open mouth. It's often used when something incredibly funny happens on the stream or when a player does a great thing.


Where can I find the Kekw Emote?

The Kekw Emote is available on various social media websites and apps including Twitch, Reddit and Discord. You can also download it from websites like Imgur and Gfycat.


How to use the Kekw Emote?

There are two ways to use the Kekw Emote on Twitch. You can either use it as a click reaction when you're watching a channel, or add it to your favorites list and use it from there.

You can also add the Kekw Emote to your favorite list to use it more easily. To do this, just click on theKekw Emote icon in the left sidebar of the Twitch site.


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