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LUL Twitch Emote Definition & Origin

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So what does the Twitch LUL emote mean? If you're a fan of streams, you've probably seen this emote quite a few times.

It is used as a synonym for the terms LOL, LMAO or ROFL and is often used to react to a funny situation during a stream.


But where does this emote come from?

The origin of the LUL emote dates back to June 2013 when a photo of John "TotalBiscuit" Bain was uploaded to the Flickr social network by itsjustatank.

lul emote definition

The photo was taken during Major League Gaming Anaheim 2013 and TotalBiscuit was the famous video game reviewer and commentator that everyone knew.

In 2014, TotalBiscuit added their emote for their followers on their Twitch channel and the photo became one of the most used emotes on Twitch. Sadly, in May 2018, TotalBiscuit passed away, and Twitch users honored his memory using the LUL emote.

totalbiscuit lul


Variants of the LUL emote

LUL emote is now available for free on Twitch and you don't need to install any extension to use it. In addition, you can find another emote which is a variant of the LUL emote: LULW

This emote is used to express varying degrees of laughter. So next time you see the LUL emote, think about John "TotalBiscuit" Bain and the impact he's had on the gaming community.

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