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7 Twitch Tips to Kickstart Your Streamer Career

7 Tips for Streamers

If you are a beginner streamer or you want to improve your streaming channel, this article is made for you ! We give you 7 important tips to maximize your success on Twitch. Whether it's growing your audience, improving the quality of your content, or building an active community, these tips will help you achieve your goals.

So, ready to become the next big streamer on Twitch? Read on to discover our 7 tips!


Twitch isn't just for gaming

It is important to note that Twitch is a platform that offers diverse content, not just related to gaming. It is possible to broadcast games or competitions, but there are also music-focused streaming channels, where streamers perform live and play their instruments.

gamer playing an fps game on his computer

There are even channels that focus on discussions and exchanges with subscribers. There have been ministers and politicians who have debated live on Twitch, with the aim of attracting a younger audience to politics. There are also online trainers or coaches who broadcast their teaching on Twitch live.

So there are plenty of options to diversify the content of your streaming channel, whether you can stream music, politics, online education, or any other type of content that interests you. It's up to you to decide based on your preferences.


Don't stream just to make money

Making a living from streaming is a nice dream, isn't it? Unfortunately, for most people, this will remain nothing more than a dream.

stacked gold coins

Sure, donations and subscriptions can bring in money, but only the very big, most popular streamers can boast that they make a living entirely from their streaming business.

Even after 3 years on the Twitch platform, most streamers only earn 250 to 300 euros per month.

So if you're just getting into streaming to make money, it's a bad idea. A streaming career should be pursued with passion in what you do. But there's nothing stopping you from picking up a few tickets along the way thanks to donations and subscriptions from your most dedicated fans.


Twitch is a stickler for its rules.

There are many streamers who seek to attract more viewers and subscribers by breaking Twitch's rules, however this can lead to consequences such as suspension or banishment from the platform.

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Some use methods like showing private parts of their bodies, while others commit violent acts or cheat when playing video games. It is therefore important to respect the rules of Twitch to avoid being banned from the platform.


Personalizing your streaming channel is an asset

By personalizing your streaming channel, you will stand out from other streamers and attract new viewers. By having a unique design, you will strengthen your community's sense of belonging to your channel.

customize twitch channel with a stream pack

To give a professional look to your channel and your lives, we advise you to consult our catalog of stream packs, Twitch overlays and Twitch panels. This will allow you to create a strong identity and a theme around your lives, which will allow you to stand out from the competition.


Interacting with its community is what makes a channel successful

Having an active and engaged community is essential to attract new followers and to be well referenced by the Twitch algorithm. Regularly interacting with your community during the lives is a great way to maintain a pleasant atmosphere and encourage people to stick around.

interact with your community

One idea to encourage interaction between members of your community is to offer personalized emotes to your subscribers, which will allow them to communicate with each other during Twitch lives or on Discord.


Twitch stats can help you improve your channel

The Twitch stats available on your dashboard can be a very useful tool to improve your streaming channel. By analyzing the data, you can determine the strategies to adopt to attract new viewers, increase your audience and grow your gaming channel.

twitch statistics

Twitch statistics allow you to measure the impact of changes made to your channel, whether or not they are effective. You can also spot when you gained new subscribers and which streams attracted the most viewers. This will allow you to reproduce the same things or the same types of content for your next lives.

To learn more about the interest of Twitch statistics, we invite you to consult this article here.


Stream every day is not a good idea

It's important to note that you don't always have to stream every day to be successful on Twitch. This can be a short-term strategy, but it can also wear you out quickly and lower the quality of your content.

rabid twitch streamers

It's best to plan your streams in advance and space them out to avoid burning out and to keep the quality of content high. Also use the time between lives to promote your channel on other social networks, like YouTube, to reach new viewers.

Also, don't forget to interact with your gaming community on Discord and respond to private messages from your followers. Finally, do not hesitate to join us on our Discord community and on Instagram to not miss anything of what we offer at StreamVisuArt.


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