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Amazon Luna: the Cloud Gaming revolution underway

Booming Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming, still in an emerging phase, is establishing itself as the future of video games. It has already attracted the interest of major companies, and Amazon Luna, the latestcomer to the world of cloud gaming, has established itself in the market by threatening to become the best game streaming service in the world. Its official launch in March 2022 was preceded by a lengthy invitation-only pre-launch period, following an announcement in September 2020.

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Amazon faces strong competitors such as Nvidia GeForce NOW and Microsoft xCloud, among others. Boasting Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Twitch, Amazon Luna is making some high-end Android mobile gaming enthusiasts ditch them for this new service.

In this article, we'll introduce you to Amazon's premium gaming service, explain what it is, how it works, and whether it's worth your attention.


What is Amazon Luna?

How Amazon Luna works

Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming platform powered by Amazon Web Service (AWS), the tech giant's cloud computing platform. Like other Cloud Gaming ecosystems, users can stream games directly and instantly to different devices.


Gamers no longer need to download, update or store games on their devices as long as they have a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Amazon Luna users, especially those subscribed to Luna Plus, have access to a catalog of Netflix-like games, similar to Microsoft Xbox's Cloud Gaming platform, which they can consult by paying a monthly subscription.

And like Amazon Prime Video, users have access to channels where they can unlock more content from specific publishers after spending an additional monthly fee.


Necessary hardware and exclusive features

Amazon Luna's Dedicated Controller

You don't need any specific hardware to access Amazon Luna. However, the company has designed a specially dedicated controller to optimize the use of the service. This controller has a built-in Wi-Fi receiver, similar to the now decommissioned Google Stadia controller, which helps eliminate the middleman and reduce input latency.

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Amazon Luna deserves your attention if you are a fan of online games where even a millisecond determines your character's survival.

Luna Couch: the cooperative couch experience

Also, if you have friends or family members who love online games but can't yet pay for the service, Luna Couch, a couch co-op experience, can be helpful. Your friends can join and play with you if you are a paid subscriber.


En conclusion

Amazon Luna is a major player in the Cloud Gaming industry and offers a premium streaming game service. Thanks to its connection with Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Twitch, the platform offers a smooth and latency-free gaming experience. Users benefit from an extensive catalog of games and exclusive features such as Luna Couch for cooperative gaming sessions.

Against competitors such as Nvidia GeForce NOW and Microsoft xCloud, Amazon Luna stands out for its integration with other Amazon services and its ability to offer a unique gaming experience. If you're an online gaming enthusiast looking for a solution to gaming without having to invest in an expensive console, Amazon Luna might be the answer for you.

It should be noted that the quality of your experience will depend on the speed and stability of your internet connection. However, if you have a reliable broadband connection, Amazon Luna is definitely an option for all gaming enthusiasts to consider.

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