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How to grow your community on Twitch?

1. Stand out to grow your audience!

girl twitch streamer standing out

It's crucial to understand the importance of first impressions when streaming on a streaming platform. Building a connection with your audience is key to retaining them and earning subscriptions. It's important to be as natural as possible to create a connection with your audience. The first thing viewers will see when they access your streaming channel is crucial as it will give an insight into what they can expect when watching your streams.

It's a bit like when you walk past a bakery window, it's the shop window that makes you want to push the door or not depending on its appearance and exterior decoration. Likewise, for the overlays and streampacks, it's important to grab viewers' attention the first time they visit your channel, using eye-catching, descriptive designs that honestly define what you're doing at the time.


2. Have a neat image!

Clean cool streamer

This is a factor that many of you overlook when it is what will make you want to follow or not.

It is enough to be a minimum presentable, to have a organized setup, which is in line with your universe and above all which does not contain too much information.

So be careful how you stand in front of the camera 😉


3. Have a quality setup

quality streamer setup

So yes, that at once but what you have to think about is that it is a purchase that you will in no way regret and that thanks to that you will be able to embark on a career, we know, promising. You will have to invest at least to have a basic setup which will improve your live streaming.


4. Loyalty

Twitch Streamer Loyalty


The essential key to winning your first followers is the interaction you will have with your viewers. Communicate with them through the chat fairly diligently. Be yourself, stay natural. Believe me they will come back if you have been able to stand out with your personality and the way you entertain them.


5. Connect

create links on twitch

It is important that you are close to the chat, ask viewers questions or greet them so that they feel comfortable and integrated. There is nothing more rewarding than someone who exchange et reacts with ourselves through a screen, so seek closeness!


6. Vary the content

vary content streamers

It is very important that you share things with your viewers and that the content is varied, otherwise your viewers will go looking for something different elsewhere and that is not the expected goal.


7. Be yourself

Streamer girl happy to have won a game

It is important never to force things when it comes to streaming. It's important to do things that you enjoy and are passionate about, rather than relying solely on statistics or trends.

Of course, it is important to consider these factors, but it is essential to maintain a balance and to remember that the main objective is to enjoy what you are doing. It's better to not be so consistent sometimes than not to be fully invested in what you're doing. It's important to never lose sight of the fact that fun is the primary motivation in creating content for the streaming community.

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