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Counter Strike 2: a revolution for the iconic FPS

Counter Strike 2: a major update with significant improvements

Valve has confirmed the arrival of Counter Strike 2 (CS 2), a major update of the famous FPS which will bring many improvements, both graphically and in gameplay. Players can expect remastered maps, improved server responsiveness, and exciting gameplay changes.


A release planned for the summer on PC

Counter Strike 2 will be available this summer on PC, and owners of Counter-Strike Global Offensive will be able to enjoy this update for free. Valve promises it will be the "biggest technical leap" in franchise history, with new features and updates planned for years to come.



Graphical and technical improvements

Existing Counter Strike Go maps will be remastered under the Source 2 engine, with new tools and features. Players will enjoy visual enhancements, such as realistic lighting, improved textures, and more detailed visual effects.



Abandoned tickrate for better responsiveness

One of the biggest new features in Counter Strike 2 is the abandonment of the tickrate, which was the rate at which game data was refreshed to the second. Moves, shots, and grenade throws will no longer be affected by this limitation. Thanks to the "subticks", the servers will know the exact moment of a movement, a shot or a grenade throw, thus offering increased responsiveness to the players.


Smoke grenades become more realistic

In Counter Strike 2, smoke grenades will now be dynamic volumetric objects that interact with the environment and react to lighting, shots and explosions. The smoke will be able to interact with other in-game events, providing players with new strategies and tactics.



A new chapter for Counter Strike

With all these improvements and new features, Counter Strike 2 marks a major turning point for the iconic FPS franchise. Players will be able to enjoy an improved gaming experience, with modernized graphics and more responsive gameplay. This summer's update will open a new chapter for the world's most popular tactical shooter.


New features and gameplay improvements

Counter-Strike 2 will introduce several new gameplay features and improvements to provide an even more immersive and competitive gaming experience. Here are some of the most notable improvements:

  1. Engine Source 2 : The game will benefit from the advantages of the Source 2 engine, allowing for improved graphics, better lighting, and optimized performance.
  2. Map revamp : Iconic maps such as Overpass, Nuke and Dust II have been remastered, offering a refreshed visual experience and gameplay changes.
  3. Improved Smoke Grenades : New smoke grenades provide more realistic interaction with the environment and other game elements, allowing for more complex strategies.
  4. Abandonment of the tickrate : Through the use of "subticks", the server is now able to detect player movements and actions with increased accuracy, making gameplay more responsive and fluid.
  5. Redesigned user interface : The user interface has been completely redesigned to provide a more aesthetic and informative experience.


A promising future for the Counter-Strike franchise

With all of these improvements and updates, Counter-Strike 2 promises to be a must-have experience for fans of the franchise. The fact that this major update is free for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive owners is a testament to Valve's commitment to supporting and growing the franchise for years to come.

counter strike 2 gameplay

In conclusion, Counter-Strike 2 marks a major turning point for the iconic franchise, delivering significant improvements in graphics, gameplay, and features. Fans of the game have reason to be excited, because this summer the new era of Counter-Strike will begin.

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