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How to host on Twitch (host)

You can host a stream from another Twitch channel on your channel page ! Host Mode gives you the ability to share your favorite content and promote friends, while keeping your community together even when you're offline. Your viewers can watch another channel without leaving your chat room.


1 - Login or Register

Log in to your account on the browser of your choice (Windows or Mac)

registration on twitch


  • If you don't have an account, register yourself to create one and join the community.


2 - Go to your account

To access your Twitch account, click on your username icon at the top right of the site.

twitch profile

  • A drop-down menu will then open to give you access to your account!


3 - Open your Twitch channel

Click on Channel and discover your channel and its discussion space, which will be displayed on your right.

twitch channel

twitch channel chat


4 - Enter the host command

You can host a Twitch channel by typing /host [twitch channel] in your chat. This will ensure that your viewers will see the content of the channel you are hosting, and all views will be counted towards the hosted channel.

host a twitch channel


To exit Host mode, just type /unhost and you're there!

unhost a twitch channel


Why Host on Twitch

By hosting a channel on Twitch, you will be able to share your passion and enjoy the benefits that this platform offers. You will have the opportunity to create a strong community, interacting with other channels and developing partnerships with streamers in your field.

Twitch also offers monetization options for streamers who want to earn money by streaming their content. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy additional features such as subscriptions, donations, games and much more.

Finally, the integrated streaming software is very easy to use and configure, allowing you to create the best possible experience for your community.


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