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How to delete a clip on Twitch: complete guide

Clips are a great way for streamers to share the best moments of their channel with their community. However, there may be times when you want to delete a clip for some reason. In this article, we are going to tell you how to delete a clip on Twitch.


Step 1: Access your clip manager

Log in to your Twitch account and go to your creator dashboard.

twitch clip manager

Then click on the "Clips" tab to access your clip manager.


Step 2: Find the clip to delete

In your clip manager, find the clip you want to delete.

rocket league clip on twitch

You can sort your clips by date, title or number of views to more easily find the clip to delete.


Step 3: Delete the clip

Once you find the clip to delete, click "Delete" below the clip.

delete a clip on twitch

Then confirm that you want to delete the clip.


Important note

It is important to note that deleting a clip is a permanent action. Once you delete a clip, it cannot be recovered. So be sure to think carefully before deleting a clip.


Tips for managing your clips on Twitch

Here are some tips to better manage your clips on Twitch:

  • Use clear titles and descriptions for your clips so your community can easily find them.
  • Regularly remove clips that are no longer relevant or no longer reflective of your channel.
  • Make sure you don't infringe copyrights when creating clips from third-party content.



Deleting a clip on Twitch is an easy and quick task if you follow the simple steps described above. However, before proceeding with deleting a clip, it is important to think carefully about your decision as it is a permanent action. You may regret your choice later, so take some time to think about whether you want to delete that particular clip.

Deleting a clip may impact your Twitch channel and your viewing community. If a clip is particularly popular, it can help bring more viewers to your channel and boost your online presence. However, if a clip is offensive or inappropriate, it can harm your reputation and public image.

It is therefore important to consider these factors before deleting a clip. If you are sure of your decision, just follow the steps in the article to delete the clip in question.

Ultimately, managing your clips on Twitch is a crucial aspect of your experience on this platform, and we hope this article has helped you better understand the process of deleting a clip. Good luck with your future clip management endeavors on Twitch!

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