Meydey - StreamVisuArt

Meydey is a very skilled and experienced stream designer specializing in overlays and non-artwork designs. His work is remarkable for the quality of his creations and his attention to detail.

Meydey is an expert in the art of creating quality overlays for streamers. Its designs are both creative and functional, and they help streamers make their channel look professional and personalized.

In addition to his overlay skills, Meydey is also very good at creating non-artwork designs for streamers. Whether it's banners, logos, or emotes, he knows how to create eye-catching designs suitable for every streamer.

With his experience and passion for creating stream designs, Meydey is an asset to anyone who wants to improve the look of their channel. If you are looking for a talented and professional designer to create quality overlays and non-artwork designs for your stream, Meydey is the person for you.


Meydey is a passionate and experienced stream designer, who has been creating quality designs for his clients since 2012. He pays attention to detail and ensures that every design he creates is perfectly tailored to his clients' needs.

With a keen eye for composition, color, and typography, Meydey is able to create designs that not only look stunning, but also work effectively to enhance streamers' viewing experience. In addition, Meydey is an inquisitive designer who constantly stays up to date with the latest trends and techniques in stream design, and easily adapts to any type of project, whether it's a design for a streamer beginner or growing business.

With Meydey, you can be assured of receiving a personalized, top quality stream design service fully tailored to your specific needs.

Meydey's specialties

Meydey is a versatile and experienced stream designer, who excels in creating Twitch overlays, stream designs, and Twitch badges for streamers. In addition to this, he is also capable of designing logos, flyers, business cards and visual identities for businesses.

His mastery of the color palette, typographies and design techniques allows him to create eye-catching and personalized designs that meet the needs of each client. With Meydey, streamers and businesses can trust the quality and professionalism of his creations.

How to contact Meydey for a project?

Add Meydey on Discord for any project request