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Presentation of Pomdapy, the French illustrator specialized in illustrations for Twitch streamers at StreamVisuArt

Discover the artistic universe of Pomdapy, a talented and passionate French illustrator. Specializing in creating artwork for Twitch streamers, she offers you the opportunity to personalize your channel with unique and professional artwork.

Thanks to her expertise and her sense of aesthetics, she guarantees you illustrations that perfectly reflect your personality and your gaming universe. Look no further, order your illustration now from StreamVisuArt to bring your Twitch channel to life.


Discover the unique and creative world of Pomdapy, a professional illustrator specializing in graphic design for content creators on Twitch and Youtube. With a large dose of empathy, Pomdapy perfectly knows how to transform your ideas into remarkable projects that will make you shine on social networks.

His original and slightly crazy style brings a touch of freshness to your visuals and his adorable and expressive emotes are sure to seduce your audience. If you are looking for a creative partner who gives everything to make your projects a success, look no further. Pomdapy is here to help you realize your artistic dreams.

Pomdapy specialties

Pomdapy is a talented illustrator who is part of the team at StreamVisuArt, a store specializing in creating content for streamers.

It mainly focuses on creating picture emotes, twitch channel points, stream decoration, stream alerts, and picture overlays.

Picture emotes are icons used by streamers to communicate with their audience. They can be used to express a range of emotions and feelings, from joy to frustration. Emotes created by Pomdapy are often cute and fun characters that capture the essence of the streamer's universe.

How to contact Pomdapy for a project?

Add Pomdapy on Discord for any project request