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Presentation of RaiYArt, the French illustrator specialized in Japanese and Kawaii illustrations for Twitch streamers at StreamVisuArt

Meet RaiYArt, an illustrator specializing in Japanese and kawaii illustrations for streamers. Passionate and talented, RaiYArt offers you the opportunity to personalize your Twitch channel with unique and professional illustrations that perfectly reflect your personality and your gaming universe.

With its expertise and sense of aesthetics, RaiYArt guarantees creations that will set you apart from the competition and delight your fans. Look no further, order your artwork now from StreamVisuArt to bring your Twitch channel to life with the help of RaiYArt.


RaiYArt is a talented illustrator who specializes in creating artwork for Twitch streamers. She is particularly known for her creations of emotes, badges, channel points, decorations and stream alerts which are loved by many streamers and viewers.

RaiYArt is a team member at StreamVisuArt, a company that offers a range of services for Twitch streamers, including creating custom artwork and graphics for their channel.

With her creativity, experience and passion for her work, RaiYArt is one of the most prominent illustrators in the Twitch streamer community.

RaiYArt specialties

If you're a Twitch streamer looking for custom artwork for your channel, or just interested in quality artwork creations, I highly recommend taking a look at RaiYArt's portfolio.

His portfolio is full of beautiful creations of emotes, badges, channel points, decorations, and stream alerts that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also perfectly suited for the streamer world.

You will certainly be impressed by the quality and diversity of his creations. So, don't hesitate to explore RaiYArt's portfolio to discover a little more of his talent!

How to contact RaiYArt for a project?

Add RaiYArt on Discord for any project request